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Light weight and accurate

A 12 m x 3m x 120mm reinforced concrete wall panel weighs over 10 tonne. A similarly sized Gypcrete wall panel weighs only 1.5 tonne. At only 42kg per square metre a single B-double truck can transport over 900 square metres of Gypcrete wall panel compared to 125 square metres of 120mm thick precast concrete hollow block work. Precision manufactured Gypcrete wall panels provide certainty in calculations and in construction tolerances.

High quality finish

The finish of Gypcrete wall panel is smoother and flatter than an equivalent precast concrete, insitu-concrete or rendered masonry walls. Gypcrete wall panel provides the ideal "green" structural walling material for contemporary architectural designs. Gypcrete wall panels can be finished in a range of decorative texture finishes and can include bands, quoins, and rendered finishes. Gypcrete wall panel is a strong, crack-free, clean and sharp structural grade wall panel requiring less joining and less finishing.


Gypcrete wall panel has an installed cost considerably less than that of an equivalent standard precast concrete wall. Gypcrete wall panel costs less than equivalent strength masonry walling over which it also enjoys a 15% space saving. Because Gypcrete wall panel is quicker and easer to erect projects are finished faster and development funds are tied up for shorter periods. Gypcrete wall panel can eliminate the need for bricks, blocks, timber walls frames and plasterboard linings.


The unique cellular structure of the Gypcrete wall panels enables it to be used as left-in-place formwork and site-filled with concrete to provide sufficient axial strength and lateral rigidity to support buildings up to 15 storeys. When used structurally Gypcrete wall panel eliminates the need for beam and column framework. When filled with insulation only Gypcrete wall panel can be used as load-bearing walling for timber floored residential construction up to three storeys.


A Gypcrete wall panel is machine made in one hour. The panels are generally manufactured in one size then cut to dimension for height and length complete with door and window cut-outs. In a single day a small crane and two trained installers can erect all the wall sections for a medium sized 350 square metre house. The large size of the Gypcrete wall panels also means fewer fully sealed construction and contraction joints.

Environmentally positive

Gypcrete wall panel is made using plaster manufactured from either naturally occurring gypsum, chemical gypsum or waste flu-gas gypsum. Gypcrete wall panel has one of the lowest levels of embodied energy of all known comparable walling products. ("Embodied energy" is the total energy consumed by the product from the point of extraction of the raw material through manufacture, processing and delivery to its final installation and finishing on a building project.) Gypcrete wall panels are 100% recyclable. They can be re-processed through our Rapidflow Calcination Plant and recast into new Gypcrete wall panels.

Fire proof

Gypcrete wall panel has outstanding fire-resistant properties making it an ideal building material for use in dwellings in bushfire prone areas as well as in apartment construction where fire-rated party walls are required.

Gypcrete wall panel is rated at one, two and four hours respectively when empty, insulated and concrete filled.

Earthquake resistant

When used as load-bearing shear walls Gypcrete wall panel exhibits superior ductile qualities that make it safer and effectively stronger than un-reinforced masonry. Its mechanical properties make Gypcrete wall panel a superior earthquake resistant structural walling product for both vertical and lateral loads.

Water and rot resistant

In an unsealed and uncoated state and after full immersion in water for 24 hours the moisture uptake of Gypcrete wall panel is less than 5% (by weight). Gypcrete wall panel is approved for use in wet areas requiring only the application of the normal mandatory wet-area membrane.

Termite resistant

Gypcrete wall panels are made of gypsum plaster and fibreglass. They are immune to attack from vermin and termites. Gypcrete wall panel construction is devoid of any timber products eliminating any risk of termite infestation for which there are no safe prevention methods.

Good sound attenuation

Whether insulated or concrete filled Gypcrete wall panel has excellent sound attenuating characteristics. Gypcrete wall panel can be used as structural party walls providing the basis for an effective 55 STC sound barrier when lined with plasterboard on resilient mounts. A rating of RW 55 can be achieved using plasterboard lining on isolated studs on one side of the load-bearing Gypcrete wall panel.

Cyclone resistant

Gypcrete wall panel, when concrete or sand-filled, is resistant to penetration by flying objects so common in cyclones. Additionally a simple tie-down system passing through the Gypcrete wall panel cells and into the foundation secures the roof against severe uplift forces experienced in cyclones.

Space saving

At only 120mm wide, when compared to brick-veneer construction, Gypcrete wall panel provides up to 10% more usable internal floor space of a building of comparable external dimensions 

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