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Gypcrete Building India Limited (GBIL) is the first company in India to promote the technology for manufacturing pre-cast, load-bearing walling systems known as Gypcrete Wall panels (popularly known as ‘Rapidwall' the world over). GBIL has collaborated with M/s Rapid Building Systems Pty Ltd (RBS), the Australian company that is the founder of the technology and owns the world-wide patent for the same. This technical collaboration has provided GBIL the technology to:

(a) Convert phospho gypsum, an industrial waste by-product abundantly available with Fertilizer Companies, into value added raw material with reduced CO2 emissions

(b) Manufacture Gypcrete wall panels using the above value added raw material.

(c) Construct houses & buildings using Gypcrete Wall panels in a dry construction process.


GBIL's manufacturing facilities are strategically located on National Highway No.45, at just 70 Km from Chennai metro's CBD. The facilities are spread across 18.5 acres land on the main highway and include of the following:

a) Three Gypsum Wall manufacturing plants with a capacity to produce three 12m X 3m wall panels per hour.

b) A Fluidized Bed Calciner with a capacity to produce the highest quality Gypsum plaster at 10 M Tons per hour

c) A Drying unit incorporating the most modern design to quick dry the wall panels at the rate of 6 panels per hour

d) A state of the art Saw Mill for sanding and cutting the panels at the rate of 12m/min to the required size with provisions for cutting the door and window positions.

All the above facilities are fully automated requiring minimal human intervention.

The GBIL manufacturing unit is the first fully integrated Gypcrete Wall manufacturing unit in the world, with a three table wall plant, a 10 M Ton/hr calciner, a state of the art drying facility and a fully automated panel cutting facility, all under one roof. Further, the drying and panel cutting facilities are the first of their kind in the world incorporating the most modern techniques. The plants are fuelled by LPG.


Sudhir Gupta, B.Com, A.C.A – Promoter & Managing Director
Sudhir brings with him over 30 years experience in real estate, finance and general management. He was the General Manager, Finance & Administration of a global engineering giant in the Extra High Voltage Transmission Line units in Zambia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia till 1988. Subsequently, he floated a real estate firm in Chennai to promote residential & commercial complexes. He has promoted complexes with a built-up area of approximately 15 lakh Sq.ft. in Chennai since then. Has to his credit, co-promoting Chennai’s largest residential complex which also happens to be the city’s tallest standing structure.

P.B.Chandrasekhar, B.E. (E.C.E), Anna University, PGDBM, XLRI – Director
Chandrasekhar brings with him over a decades experience in finance and general management. He was a Management Consultant with one of the Top five consulting firms in India for about five years. Subsequently, he co-founded a software products company. Has is also the founder a small sized BPO and a logistics business specializing in liquid cargo transportation all over India.

Prof. Dr.P.K.Aravindan - Technical Director
1) Ph. D. (Structural Engineering), IIT Madras
2) M.Sc (Engineering) (Structural Engineering) (First Rank and as a Senior Fellow of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India)
3) B.Tech (Civil Engineering) - IIT Madras (2nd Rank)
4) B.Sc (Physics) - Kerala University (Highest Mark for Main subject in the whole state of Kerala)

Professor brings with him over 30 years experience in structural analysis and design. He is currently a Senior Review Consultant and an advisor to the Government of India and its statutory agencies, various PSU’s, most big construction companies, several Structural Engineering Consulting Firms and Builders in India. He is also a life member of Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers and the Indian Concrete Institute.

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